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Our Mission


To fill the gap between innovative developments and the natural needs of people - that's our claim.


In this type of approach, we are developing modern, long-lasting products that satisfy more than the needs of short-term trends.





Progress really means progress for us - not just mere lining-up of product innovations and ever-changing trends.


We really try to filter out what innovations really point to the future.




Intelligent Sustainability


Fair production and payment worldwide. Sustainability means more than the consumption of natural, organic products. It means conscious and reduced consumption of the limited resources of our planet.


For this, we create timeless, top-quality products of long durability and devote our efforts to providing innovative, resource-saving production processes on fair terms.



Deliberate understatement


A conscious commitment to simplicity and timeless, relaxed design that, once again, puts people in the foreground.


A conscious step to deliberate reduction in the form of a definite decision to exclude resource exploitation by fast fashion, which is flooding the markets increasingly rapidly, and in this way will quite deliberately seduce consumers to more and more consumption.


Our Clients


Our clients are looking for specialty at a second glance. They consciously choose a product, its quality and appreciate timelessness with a tasteful extravagance and attention to detail.


Our Design


Filtering out the essence of modern trends, looking back to quotations from the history of art and culture, forms our approach to design. Figuring out what products really enrich the people sustainably, that is our task.


From this process, we develop favourite components with a long-lasting message, from which the customer can be reassured that these products will enrich his or her life in the future. We always link ourselves to the existing situation, and only continue in developing products where this makes sense. Fast-moving innovation in isolation from the background in the history of culture, art and design can’t be found in MOON Berlin.



Our products


Conscious Courage for simplicity emphasizes the carrier.


Our products come as far as necessary in the foreground, but behave as unobtrusive as possible. You have a commitment to quality, timelessness and awareness for sustainable action.



What we do


- Search + trends of trendsin Fashion & Technology area

- Filtering and verification of these currents

- product development to target specific groups / Coordination of product innovations to meet the needs of the people and the market

- Product development, sourcing and quality management

- Development of holistic concepts (market research, design economic design and development)

- Consulting and Collaborations

- Lectures and Teaching





MOON Berlin was founded by Christian Bruns already in 2005 when he started to deal with innovative ways of production developments of the future.


The graduate-fashion designer with a business background developed until today collections and concepts for many known fashion companies and fashion brands in the field of modern men's and women's clothing and accessories. In addition he devoted himself to the teaching in the fields of fashion design and fashion Luxury Management at several universities nationwide.


In the past, among other things, cooperation with:



Fraunhofer Institute

C & A



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